With or without planning permission

Many of our clients in Jersey seek planning permission before offering their property for sale — with planning.

When we work on client's planning applications, the day we find out planning is approved, is the day everyone can then look at the options with a greater degree of certainty — and more accurately value the project for financial planning.

What's your ideal project profile?

Let us know the size, type and location of sites you're interested in. We can make confidential enquiries, with our client owners and managers, for off-market properties coming up for sale.

Property sales & marketing

We don't, and won't be offering any estate agency services for open-market property and land marketing.

For property sales & marketing needs, we recommend the market is already well serviced — and your relationships there are best met by those experienced local specialists in viewings and negotiations.

Property and land investment match-making

Our development site match-making service is an incidental add-on to help service our primary home and land owner clients with their planning needs.

Foremost, we must encourage landowners that are sitting on underutilised property to explore the full potential with a site assessment and planning consultation.

From there we can explore their options, and what they need to progress.

How can we catalyse regeneration?

We help property owners with the planning work needed to invest in improving their properties — with site surveys, drawings, planning permission applications, and job specifications for commissioning trade services.

Owners may then either; finance and commission the work directly, or have these plans in place, and seek a development partnership to realise those plans.

This could be in the form of private lending, managed development, options agreements subject-to-planning, or outright acquisitions.

Improving land and properties benefits the whole community.

In collaboration with owners, developers and the trades, we can each play a part in adding resources and taking action to expedite these processes.

Just looking at the variety of buildings, and state of their repair and suitability for occupants, we can all see the problems and solution — better planning processes, and predictable outcomes for financing.

Hence, we built this website to offer services that help the information flow, and island to grow sustainably — with better quality buildings that meet everyone's needs and benefit.

We understand that encouraging investment requires certainty for planning, and the manpower for building.

Promoting the trades

We're also committed to encouraging more entrepreneurs and hands-on people into the building industry — with more investment in the necessary skills, better sourcing of quality materials, and applying technology to improve the planning process.

Working together

Let's compare notes, coordinate, communicate, and promote each other's capabilities — let's get everyone moving, improving, modernising and growing the local economy with confidence.

Please let us know what you're looking for, in the strictest of confidence, and we'll keep these requirements in mind in our daily client conversations, to offer introductions.

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