Accessibility features and considerations

  • Headings should be logically structured to navigate the content of pages by their H-tag levels of information grouping and nesting. Please let us know if you find any that don't make sense to you, so we can review and improve.
  • Links within paragraphs are underlined, so you don't need to rely on colour differences to identify links.
  • Image ALT tags and file names are descriptive of their content. There are many images, so please let us know if we missed any.
  • The text and layout should scale and remain readable and useable with browser resizing, using the View menu or Control/Command -/+ shortcuts.
  • Minimum font size of 22 points, and sufficient font-weight to be readable at a distance, on small screens, and without needing to strain your eyes, neck or back for a comfortable viewing position.
  • High-contrast text to colour ratios, avoiding polar extremes, for readability and comfort.
  • Meaningful symbols, text and tags accompanying any coloured notification or error messages.
  • Dark mode (switch in the bottom-left of the footer navigation) to minimise excessive screen light.
  • No attention-seeking, resource-intensive and distracting animated movement of text, features or adverts.
  • No paid or otherwise sponsored advertising within content without being clearly identified as-such.
  • No autoplay for any video or sound.
  • No vision-reliant “CAPTCHAs” or any form of cognitive “challenges”.
  • All external website links open in a new window or tab, to save from losing your reading position on this website, and all internal links load in the same window or tab by default.
  • All forms should be clear to understand the purpose of each field, with high-contrast borders, meaningful help and error messages, and can be printed to complete on paper, if preferred.
  • Email and PDF copies of all form submissions, for printing and sharing with advisers and representatives, and other record-keeping needs.
  • Contact details available on every page, to be clear, who you are communicating with, including multiple options for correspondence.

Accessibility feedback

You are uniquely the best person to be you.

And, we want to make sure we understand and cater to every difference you might have.

If there's anything affecting the way you access the information and features on this website, please let us know.

We respect your valuable time, so promise to reply to every single message ASAP.

We have reviewed the things we believe should help with accessibility — but please let us know what helps, and what might still need improving.

Ultimately, you are the best judge of whether you think we have done enough, yet — or if there is anything missing or, difficult, or annoying, that you need us to correct.

If you have suggestions whatsoever, please contact us in any way you prefer.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and work with you, so we can be a good example for many more.

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