How it all started

The Game of Life

Like all great teams, we've been friends for a lot longer, and share a passion for our respective crafts β€” with all of our work being in making things work and happen for many more.

One Friday evening, in a get-together for a board-games night, the conversation progressed to our home-building ambitions, the challenges of home ownership and improvements need in Jersey for supply to meet demand.

We discussed our experience with the building development trades, and property management systems β€” and how the most significant and valuable part of the process to improve a property, for owners and neighbours, is also the most uncertain β€” in time and, quite literally, the need for confidence in planning.

The best contribution we can give to our community, in business at-least, is from enabling the results that we all care deeply for β€” quality of life, and a healthy progression of the ambitions we all have for our families, friends, and those we work with.

And so, with a quick search, the first domain name we thought of was available β€” β€” and the rest, as you'll now see evolving here, has only just begun.

With our brand designed that weekend, website started, and a clear focus on this specific niche and need, our Jersey property planning applications and building services business was born.

We can now offer our time-efficient, technology-improved, and progress-enabling property planning services to the island β€” direct to homeowners β€” and subcontracted to architects, builders, fixtures & fittings manufacturers, lawyers and property developers.

All from a board game night on Friday 17th March 2023, a 1st draft of the brand and website a few days later, incorporated 2 months later, and now launched β€” to help the helpers, who help us all to live happily in our island homes.

Planning AI

With 2023 also being the year that ChatGPT became the first broadly available Artificial Intelligence conversation tool released to the public, we've also added our very own Planning AI chat to the website β€” and, quite possibly, its the first such AI community service of its kind in Jersey, too.

(Email for interviews on AI for Planning, and our ideas for many other uses here, and elsewhere in public services.)

We've trained Planning AI, as we're calling it, specifically on Jersey Planning legislation and government guidance β€” so, do give it a try by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom-right, and asking it anything.

Test ChatGPT's deep-learning knowledgebase with all your trickiest Jersey planning permission, application, and building questions.

So far, even we've been mightily impressed by its awareness, and attention to detail.

Meet the Team

Building fixtures, fittings and planning specialist

Brett Muldoon

Brett has worked in the joinery and building trades for 25 years. He's worked as a hands-on Joiner, construction Site Manager, and is now the General Manager for Heritage Joinery.

He has a passion for preserving the quality of craftsmanship in historic buildings, and a keen eye for detail in identifying original features that tell the story of the building, and those that created it.

Environment, social and governance policy specialist

Gemma Muldoon

Gemma previously worked in the finance industry for 20 years with experience in both private banking and trust for high net-worth individuals β€” responsible for the policies, processes and integrity of the services.

She enjoys volunteering work on Jersey Heritage buildings, is passionate about local environmental issues, and preservation of our shared natural surroundings.

Gemma and Brett married in 2016, are proud parents to their son, Brody, and cats, Pax and Pixie.

They're committed to protecting and encouraging our local community spirit β€” in the work that all of our shared spaces need for the next generation to inherit and enjoy.

Property management and development systems specialist

Marcus Quinn

Marcus built this website, and has worked with online software systems for business growth, property management, and team development for over 30 years β€” including; the local websites, Jersey Weekly and Jersey Events, many estate agent websites, multinational business information, finance, and distribution systems for market-leading American & Canadian brands, and a local and international property development operation.

He promotes accessibility and inclusiveness with technology, communications, and social policy β€” working tirelessly online, to enable people to enjoy more time offline.

Marcus is an active member of the local sailing community β€” and enjoys hiking Jersey's many nature reserves with his dog, Wingnut β€” a very sociable Blue Roan English Cocker Spaniel β€” and a camera, to capture and share many of the photos you'll see here.

Building your dream home

Home truly is where our heart is, where our families are secure, and our friends are welcome.

It's this special place that we all work hard to build, protect and improve β€” for the lives that are born, live and pass through during our time under its shelter.

Due to great waves of change in the demographics of society across the world, it is widely accepted that there's less property accessibility and abundance relative to the size our populations have reached, and needs at each stage of life.

This means new challenges for the efficient use of land, existing buildings, the time that each of us has to build our lives and homes β€” and help others do the same.

At the same time, technology has also progressed and enabled so much more β€” now we can scan 3D images and measurements of a building with a phone, photograph it with a lightweight remote-controlled drone, and ask artificial intelligence to analyse and create at the speed of light.


What specific problem does solve?

As with all professional services, our job and responsibility is to save you time, and consolidate experience β€” for a higher chance of success in any endeavour, and with quicker results than you could achieve alone.

We fill the gaps between; the larger-scale projects that Architects need to have deep focus on, the administration work that takes builders away from their tools, and the otherwise need for a property owner to learn a complete specialist subject β€” for a very occasional need, that is a time-consuming learning curve, filled with critical details, and a detraction from their main vocations.

Alongside building an online resource to help solve real-world needs in property planning, we've created the directory β€” for all related businesses to benefit from the same research, development and administration we're sharing β€” and the intrigue we expect our freely provided Planning AI service may offer.

Websites only have one job, and that is to be answer machines.

If we can do that better, we can do the same for any other services you need.

Presenting the best of all local property services, their capabilities and achievements, can all add up to help move the local economy, create opportunity β€” and turns plans into reality!

Our Mission


Buildings give us shelter, community and pride. We chose to take on the biggest challenges in planning; certainty β€” to help people invest in improving their homes and organisations to improve the shared spaces we gather at to enjoy.


We work to enable innovation and creativity, protection and promotion, culture and character in planning β€” for the enjoyment of a healthy and inspiring environment. The ultimate test being; are we proud of what we build, and are our fellow islanders?


We are all temporary custodians of the properties we are responsible for, that often outlive us β€” we're judged by those that share them, and the next generations that we are entrusted to give back more β€” just as we have inherited and enjoyed from our ancestors.


Culture is fostered in the spaces in between our own β€” the places that we all own β€” and for the satisfaction we all get from the variety of people we will meet, and the places we visit on our many journeys.

Mission Statement

You can read more about how we're working in our Mission Statement.

Let's protect our island homes for everyone

It's often paraphrased from Shakespeare; “we all have a part to play”.

Our website and services are just one part in a multifaceted theatre.

More important to us, is the work that each person inspires the next to do.

So, now you know more about us β€” please, let us know more about your aims, needs, and ideas.

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