We're growing places

Planning.je is growing, both in Jersey, and with plans to launch in other regions.

We're a fully remote and mobile team, being wherever our clients and our families need us most.

Perhaps you'll notice from our booking system, that we manage our time respectfully.

We give clients our availability options, for the best times to book us.

Then, we schedule our shifts and days-off, to be predictable for each other's needs and expectations for when we're working — and when we're planning our own adventures.

The era of partnerships

Whether you're working for a contractor to introduce, or freelance, we're building a network of expertise and flexible services on-demand.

We're always looking to grow our team and associates — with surveyors, architects, planning professionals, administrators, communicators, trainees and every skill related to solving property planning service needs.

Developing value

Job descriptions are written with you, to detail the needs of clients, the ambitions for business, and the investment in your career development, security, and evolving life commitments.

We work to make good things happen — and this always needs someone that will own a project through to making sure it's a success.

Then, we can measure our business' performance based on your success in work and life, too!

The way in which we deliver results for clients, and as a team, gives us the flexibility to learn and grow as unique individuals — each offering our variety of experiences and ideas to become more capable and creative from working together in solving challenges larger than any one of us could alone.

If you've read everything on our website — and felt inspired to share your skills and interests in helping with what we do — then please let us know about your experience and ambitions.

More than just words

Don't worry if your CV is varied in experience, we see that as a good thing! We just don't have institutional “people like us” prejudices — that will misses out on more entrepreneurial initiative and thinking.

We encourage diversity and individuality, just as our clients judge us only by our results, understanding, and solving of their needs.

We have open minds, a progressive employment policy, and welcome adding culture and experience to the team — which gives us all the greatest of wealth, in a variety of ideas and emotional intelligence to share.

You do best at what you enjoy, so please let us know more about that —  help us work out how to enable that, for the advantage of clients, partners, and your happiness that our working together makes a visible difference to improving our island.

Working smarter

Our services and growth is very-much technology enabled — so we don't cut-corners or short-change anyone with our investment in equipment, researching new ways to offer better solutions, and give you the time to lean and share these development advantages.

You'll be working with a team that thrives on being, having, and offering the best systems to create the best results.

You'll have an fair and good advantage from our continuous research and investment in genuine innovation.

AI super-powers are never to replace you, more-so to help you — and to help our clients achieve more, show off the results, and make the most of the time we all can save when enabled.

It's who you know

We're only strangers until that first introduction.

Hoping we've now made a good first impression on you — we look forward to finding out more about who you are, what you're interested in, and what you would like to add to our offering.

We can discuss the opportunities we have now, or see coming up — with us, and with our partner service contacts.

So, it's always worth getting to know each other — it was curiosity that created the serendipity to get us all here — and connections that will mean we can all make a real difference, as a team.

Say hello, tell us about you…

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