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Planning permission, is a well-known area of interest to many, an investment for some, and can too-often be an area of contention, uncertainty, and extraordinary costs.

We're working with a mission to offer planning support and assistance services as a public good.

We aim to be a solutions' provider — sharing our administrative and technical property services experience — to help solve property planning-efficiency and collaboration needs.

Community services

If you've seen something in what we do — with AI, systems, or networking — and would like to know more, or see similar innovations applied to other services and areas of the community, please get in touch.

Shared knowledge, and division of labour, is the foundation of an improving society, in a shared environment for all to enjoy.

Thankfully, we live in a free-market, where efficiency is encouraged — through enterprise and innovation — and in reciprocation, we feel equally obliged to freely share our methods and creations, for others to build upon.

If we can help make positive progress, in any way — for the public goods and education we hope to offer — it would be a great honour to participate in discussions, and further our mission of working to live, and living to share.

Public services and media participation

To discuss anything that you think we can add or share on our services, please book a call.

Select “Public Services & Press” from the Category dropdown, and choose your preferred time and place.


All services

Please have a look at the full range of services we offer:

Planning AI

Try our Planning AI assistant, by clicking on the icon at the bottom-right of every page.

It's trained specifically for Jersey Planning needs, laws and guidance — and way more advanced than any chat you might have tried before.

Give it a try with your most challenging questions and requests, and let us know how it works for you.

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Message us anytime, and we'll get back to you asap:

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