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The best plans come to life when we connect with the right people

Property Owners

It all starts with a vision for what your property could be. Let's look at where you are — and how to get the results and planning permission you need.

Property Planners

We coordinate and communicate with local Architects, Designers, Surveyors, Engineers, Agents and the Planning Department

Building Trades

We'll find you the contractors you need from local supplier experience and availability — to plan, quote, and deliver your project, sooner.

What we do

We save you time and uncertainty in planning

Offering practical support for your restoration, replacement, and new installation plans.

With over 20 years of experience working on traditional and modern Jersey properties, let us do the research, documenting, and chasing for you.

Every project is different. Our a-la-carte services fill the knowledge-gaps. We illustrate the plans and merits of restoring and improving your property.

Let's get planning…

Our done-for-you services will get your project started sooner…

P1 Planning Applications

Creation or loss of residential units, new property developments, significant extensions, change of use, and sites of special historic interest to Jersey's heritage.

For P1 applications, we match you to the right architects, surveyors, and structural engineers — with the right expertise, and the earliest availability.

P2 Planning Applications

Repair or replacement wood, historic and sash windows, doors, conservatories, extensions, outhouses, access, fences, walls, pools, solar panels, roof lights, lofts, and dormers.

For P2 applications, we manage your application directly — calling on each trade specialist for the required supporting documents, and managing through the Jersey planning portal.

P3 Planning Applications

Signage and exterior advertisements.

For P3 applications, we manage your application directly —  including; concept imagery, ordering and fitting — or partnering with your designer, manufacturer and fitting service.

P4 Planning Applications

Moveable structures, including; marquees, tents, food vans, drinks stations, stages, lighting & fencing.

For P4 applications, we manage your application directly, calling on the specialists for each type of location and structure.

3rd-Party Condition Reports

Supporting architects, planning applications, insurance loss-adjusters, and property managers.

We provide the necessary expert condition reports to support your project.

Using drone cameras, we can safely gather photos and video of the site and situation.

Requests for Quotations (RFQs)

The better the brief, the more reliable the outcome.

We form detailed job specifications, making it easier to gather quotations, and compare like-for-like.

Contract work in confidence, covered by detailed work orders and terms of business.

2D & 3D Floorplans

For planning applications, design work, and marketing.

We use LiDAR to digitally scan, and measure, to provide floor and elevation plans.

We can also arrange for 3D-printed models, to use in presentations, or as ornaments.

Planning Valuations

Make sure your financial plans support your development.

We commission independent agents to provide valuations on your property, before and after the proposed planning permissions — to calculate the increase in value for every option and outcome.

Development Finder

Many of our clients seek planning permission before offering their property for sale, with planning.

Let us know the size and location of sites you're interested in, and we can make confidential enquiries with owners and managers for off-market properties.

Planning AI

Our use of technology and artificial intelligence (AI), is shared freely with you, to help us all learn and make progress in property planning.

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Let us know what you need…

How we work

Protecting Jersey Heritage

We must respect our shared heritage and environment.

Our experience with identifying original features, doors, windows and structures, helps you to restore and preserve the character of your traditional or listed property.

Let’s make sure your plans stands the test of time.

Tree Icon

Using Natural Materials

Traditional woodwork, metalwork, masonry and glazing bring character to our homes and surroundings.

We can guide you on options for materials, designs, and finishes that are sympathetic to historic local architecture.

Proposals in-keeping with the surroundings, are often most suitable for planning.

House Icon

Energy-Efficiency Standards

Your property has form and function — to be secure, safe and enjoyable to live with.

Let us research and introduce trusted local traders, for Jersey period-styles and architecture.

High-quality workmanship, with energy-efficient building-standards, are essential to healthy living.

Planning consultation

Developing land and property has always been complicated, with so many interests to consider.

We offer each part of this process as a service. Working to get you from idea to result, sooner.

Here's how we work…

The Old Court House At Dusk St Aubin

Tell us about your project, ideas and questions.

We'll help you plan the process, visualise the results, and document every step needed to achieve them.

Show us your situation and vision at the property.

We'll be realistic about what's possible, and gather the necessary information to give you predictable costings and timing for each option.

Let us take care of the rest.
We gather high-resolution photography, drone images and videos, and use LiDAR scanning for measurements, drawings and 3D renders.

Then, we put together the plans, application, and supporting documentation — to cover every detail in the proposals, and submission for approval.

Innovations in planning, building and restoration

We use modern high-resolution cameras, drones and 3D LiDAR scanners.

Recording the building and restoration process gives you the supporting evidence you need for what's planned, agreed, completed, certified and guaranteed, or how any issues may have occurred.

Your planning files can be used for a variety of needs, from planning permission, to interior design, insurance cover, and high-quality marketing.

Why we do it

Preservation and growth need cooperation and effort

We love our island home, but the pressures of growth, and need to protect our heritage are clear.

We have to liberate those that can build and repair, with clear guidance and permission, so they can train local skills, retain local crafts, afford the best materials, and complete essential works, sooner.

Property owners need certainty to invest in improvements, in ways we all agree are desirable, and to be confident that the process is fair and efficient.

With new planning technologies, that create time and cost-efficiency, we can plan, commission, and complete the work needed to rejuvenate properties, sooner.

Ultimately, we need to help the planning process with clear, detailed, and agreeable proposals — to promote regeneration, improve energy efficiency, and enable suitable developments across the island.

These are hands-on commitment and communications needs. For every person who invests and improves a property, many more benefit.

The problems are clear, it just takes effort, endeavour, and support for innovation, to provide the solutions.

This is our why — and how we can encourage progress.


We target an average turnaround time of 3-5 business days, from full site survey to application.

Our first site visit is free, to help make sure your planning application goals are achievable — this gets you a detailed quote, and complimentary guidance on best-practices.

Upon commissioning, we can book your second, and often final, property visit for this project — to draft plans, gather detailed photography, and map all necessary information.

We make the application and supporting documents as self-explanatory as possible, and ready for your approval to submit.

Most planning applications never require a further visit from the planning department's inspectors.

If a planning inspection is required, we are available to accompany those visits, document any concerns, and gather all required information to satisfy guidance and requirements.

The P1 category is for major impact works, through to P5 for protected trees. can directly help you with P2, and most P3 and P4, planning applications. For P2, P3, P4 work, a general builder or trade may refer or subcontract us, or you can commission us first, and seek quotes once approved. P5 is for protected trees.

For P1 applications, we refer you to suitable local architects to lead the project, and offer our resources for the 3rd-party condition reports, and other add-ons they may require.

We can provide necessary 3rd-party condition reports — for doors, windows, skylights, dormers, shutters, facias, conservatories, lean-tos, and related fittings.

Many of our clients have historic Jersey buildings, and need the experience of the relevant trades for which fixtures and fittings are original or not.

We can recommend what can be replaced, recreated, or must be refurbished — with an acceptable traditional style and materials, and suitable modern standards of insulation and security.

Whatever you do, don't remove or destroy anything without a consultation, as you could risk significant fines and compulsory orders for restoration.

In our experience, the current turnaround time for P1 and P2 planning applications is between 1 and 3 months, but can be longer depending on workloads.

The Jersey Planning and Building department does a great job, when they have all the information clearly presented, and in-line with planning guidance — but, the complexities of their remit, to respectfully serve the needs of property owners and all islanders, does mean that one difficult application will delay all others queued up behind it, for that officer or team.

The more research and related references, from requests to policy and guidance, the easier it is for the planning officer to focus on validation of the specific points, as opposed to clarifying ideas.

This, of course, is where our specific niche service comes in, to broker these communications, with clear and consistently formatted applications that are time-efficient to process.

In the last year, we have achieved 1st-time processing with over 90% of P2 planning applications, due to completeness of information and appropriateness of requests.

We can handle all correspondence on requests for further information, inspections or appeal.

Past performance is, of course, not a guarantee of future expectations, as each application is unique, and change in guidance and policy is ongoing.

Hence, we consolidate our broad experience to offer you the best possible chance of success, with a done-for-you service, delivered quickly and confidently.

We work with an even mix of home-owners directly and, either by referral or as a subcontractor, and with architects, builders, manufacturers, fitters, surveyors, structural engineers, lawyers, property managers, developers, commercial leaseholders, and trustees.

Our core business niche is in filling the gap between; the time and opportunity-cost of home-owners doing their own small-works planning applications, and contractors needing to focus on their core business of sourcing, creating and delivering construction works.

Our first, and most important principle, is in offering an honest and transparent service.

For this, we offer a FREE initial consultation, where we will recommend; what you might be able to do yourself — and how long that could take — what we can help with — and what we recommend for any specialist needs, reports and illustrations.

With our help, your property plans can start sooner

Just let us know the time, place, and what you're looking to improve.

Then, let us take care of the planning.

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