Jersey granite outhouse at La Haule, St Brelade, with deteriorated wood doors and windows in need of a 3rd-Party condition report for renovation.

What's a 3rd-party condition report?

These serve the need for independent witness and evidence gathering โ€” including imagery, documentation and expert opinion โ€” to report on the condition of a site or property; externally, internally, or for specific areas, fixtures and fittings.

This should be, as near as possible, an adequate substitute for site visits from those that need to see and understand the situation. It includes wide-angle context, and close-up details. Irrelevant personal data, such as number-plates, family-photos, etc, will be removed from images.

You may have engaged an architect who needs a materials and historic techniques expert opinion, it could be for evidence and opinion on an insurance matter, or you wish to undertake this necessary first-step, in evaluating your planning permission needs and options.

Service providers can request our help for an unbiased and professional assessment of a property's fixtures and fittings, or property owners can commission us directly.

The third-party condition report, provides an evaluation of the condition, and can include materials expert suggestions for suitable solutions, such as; repair, renovation, or replacement.

Our 3rd-party condition reporting services

This requires someone to visit the property, draft schematics of the site, identify any problematic areas, capture images, document all relevant information, and form a detailed report for use in submissions, assertions, or evaluations.

It also forms the first part of our full planning permission application services, for P2, P3 and P4 applications, and is available as supporting evidence in P1 applications, where required.

Commissioning a 3rd-party condition report

If you are working with an Architect, Insurance Loss Adjuster, Property Manager, Builder or Trader, please pass our details onto them to commission, with a link to this page.

If you are commissioning or managing your project directly, please use our booking form to find a time that suits you, to discuss.

There is a small amount of form-filling we need from you for a site visit. We aim to make these forms clear and minimal, but detailed enough to ensure a comprehensive service, and audit-trail of all details for your records. You will receive a confirmation email and a PDF copy of each form submission.

The quoting and booking process

Book a Free Property Condition Report Consultancy Call, in the first instance, to check that you need this service, and explain the situation.

Select “3rd-Party Condition Reports” from the Category dropdown, and choose your preferred time and place.


We'll ask you to complete the free Site Assessment Form, to ensure we have all the necessary details for a timely and safe appointment.

Then, you can book a suitable time for your Free Property Condition Report Site Assessment Visit.

We will review the situation and quote on your options.

For smaller projects, we may also be able to undertake the survey on this visit, subject to availability. We'll discuss this on the initial phone call.

Once agreeable, you can then book the Full Property Condition Report โ€” at a time to suit you, for the expected access and any preferred supervision needs.

Anything else?

That's it for the form-filling on your side, everything else can be done by email and follow-up phone calls โ€” to discuss findings, and any next steps.

Turnaround times

We aim to complete reports within 3-5 business days, subject to workloads, and will advise you more on current timing expectations at each stage.

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