As a new local and independent business, we must earn our trust, respect, and positive attention. This all starts with awareness; from being thorough, and adding genuine value to our community.

We're investing time in creating tools, like; our Planning AI Chat, LiDAR scanning for 3D property models and floorplans, and researching and writing articles on planning permission, property maintenance, and preserving our history and heritage.

Give first

We give first, by offering as much free information, tools, and inspiration to as many as possible in our community through our website and social media pages.

Better connections

One of the best things we could ask for in return, is for local businesses, organisations, and bloggers to add a link on their website, back to ours. This helps us increase the opportunities for all to protect, renovate, and improve our buildings and local environment.

If you could be so kind, all we ask for is a text link wherever relevant on your website, to ours. If you add a link from your home page or footer to our website, we'll love you forever!

This could be to our name, like, this:, or linking descriptive text, like; property planning services, or planning permission and applications advice.

Use as the link to our home page, or link directly to any relevant page, where you're explaining the features and services we offer, or the problems we can solve in partnership.

Please let us know when you link to us. Email us a link to the page you're linking to us on, and ask us if there's somewhere on our website you would like us to link to your local website, too.

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