Building in public

Thank you for your interest in, we hope you've seen our short home page intro video by now. There's a lot more to come on the video and graphics side of things, as this is a very visual area of life!

We're building in public, to create services based on our mission to solve some of the many property planning needs in Jersey.

As a small independent team, we have to create and test all our technologies ourselves, but there comes a point where you'll collectively get to know us and our website better than we do.

We're launching the website as early as possible — as our “minimum viable product” — with grand plans and ambitions to do a lot more for Planning in Jersey.

The friends and family, helping us along the way, seem to like what we've done so-far — so, the next step is seeing what the rest of our fellow islanders think?

We hope you'll understand, it might not all be perfect quite yet, until its all a little battle-hardened — but it should work, be safe, and we won't rest until it is all just right — serving you with a genuine purpose to add value added to your world, neighbourhood and homes, too.


The most valuable contribution that anyone can give us, in helping make the website and services become all that they can be, is feedback.

If something isn't quite right, please tell us.

If you like what we're doing, please tell everyone 🙂

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