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DH Construction Ltd is recognised for their expertise in formwork, reinforcement, and concrete contracting. They provide comprehensive solutions for in-situ reinforced concrete works, regardless of the project’s scale. Their portfolio is diverse, encompassing Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Public Sector, and Prestigious Private Client projects.

Some of their most notable projects include:

• The Air Traffic Control Tower in Jersey, constructed using the innovative ‘slip-form’ technique. This non-stop, mechanically climbing formwork and falsework process involves continuous pouring of concrete to create a solid, reinforced structure.
• Le Clos Mourant (Le Squez Phase 4), a substantial residential project that contributed 151 new social housing units to the island.
• The iconic Weighbridge House (formerly Southampton Hotel), where they skillfully preserved the 1899 Southampton Hotel exterior while working around the façade retention.
• Waitrose Supermarket Red Houses, a multifaceted project that included underground parking, offices, and 12 residential units.
• Le Coie, a residential housing development and the largest BubbleDeck® project in Jersey, boasting 7,800m2 of BubbleDeck® floor slabs within the concrete structure.

DH Construction is led by Davy, a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the construction and concreting industry. His team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are adept at handling even the most technically challenging tasks, from concept to construction. There is no project too big or too small for them.

They are a fully insured company, prioritising the safety of their workers. Regular health and safety training is conducted to ensure a secure working environment. In addition, they have in-house estimating and quantity surveying service, this enables them to provide cost budgets and detailed quotations, ensuring transparency and cost-efficiency throughout their projects.

Their expertise in Reinforced Concrete (RC) works is extensive, covering various applications such as pile caps, ground beams, foundations, suspended slabs, cantilever balconies, retaining walls, columns, beams, staircases, lift shafts, swimming pools, basements, and much more.


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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“”I have had the pleasure of working with DH Construction Ltd for several years, and their commitment to quality, efficiency, and organisation continually exceeds expectations. They approach projects, regardless of size with the same dedication and professionalism. What sets them apart is their exceptional reliability, ensuring consistent and dependable results. I highly recommend DH Construction Ltd for outstanding formwork and reinforced concrete works.” “
Scott Le Breton – Director
Scott Le Breton Limited


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Formwork, also known as shuttering, is a temporary structure or Mold used in construction to support and shape concrete until it sets and becomes self-supporting. It defines the shape and structure of the concrete elements being built.

Common formwork materials include timber, plywood, steel, aluminium, and prefabricated systems like modular panels and frames.

Yes, formwork can be reused if it’s in good condition after one project. Proper maintenance and careful disassembly are key to reusing formwork.

Safety considerations include formwork stability, proper bracing, and shoring, fall protection, and training for workers to prevent accidents.

Falsework supports formwork and other construction elements, like beams or slabs, while formwork Molds the shape of the concrete.

Types include scaffold systems, shoring towers, and heavy-duty support structures, all chosen based on the specific construction requirements.

Reinforcement involves adding steel bars (rebar) or mesh to concrete to enhance its strength and durability. Rebar is typically placed in a grid pattern within the formwork, ensuring it’s adequately covered by concrete to protect it from corrosion.

Proper spacing and sizing of rebar help control cracking, provide structural support, and ensure the concrete withstands loads and environmental factors.

Reinforced concrete (RC) is a combination of concrete and steel reinforcement, where the steel bars or mesh are added to enhance the concrete’s strength. Regular ‘plain’ concrete lacks this reinforcement.

The process involves mixing the concrete, transporting it to the site, and placing it within the formwork. It’s then vibrated and finished according to project specifications.


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