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Flying the flag on your property jersey home victoria avenue flag pole scaled

Guidance for flag poles in Jersey

We might be biased, but we love our Jersey flag, flying it at home, on the road, at festivals, and our on our social media biogs.

Flags carry a lot of meaning, and with that, respect for all those that have an affinity with them.

Here's a few top-tips to consider if you have, or are thinking about, a flag pole on your property.

  1. Planning permission: In some cases, you may need planning permission to install a flagpole on your property. It's always best to consult the local planning authority to determine if permission is required.
  2. Height restrictions: Jersey planning law may impose height restrictions on flagpoles, depending on your property's location and surrounding environment.
  3. Listed buildings: If your property is a listed building or located within a historic or conservation area, additional restrictions and approvals may apply. Jersey Heritage's website ( has further information on areas of special interest.
  4. Advertising: If you plan to fly a flag with commercial or promotional messages, you may need to seek additional permissions for displaying advertisements. This comes under P3 Planning Applications.
  5. Your neighbours: Be mindful of the potential impact on neighbours, such as noise or visual intrusion. Good communication can help avoid disputes and ensure everyone enjoys the colours flying high.
  6. Safety: Make sure the flagpole is secure and maintained, to avoid any safety hazards or potential for damage to property or injury.
  7. Flags flown: Generally, national flags or non-commercial flags can be flown without issue. However, always check the latest local guidance and regulations to avoid potential problems.
  8. Lighting: If you plan to illuminate your flagpole, ensure that the lighting complies with local regulations and does not cause light pollution or disturb neighbours. Unlit flags must be brought down outside of sunlight hours.
  9. Removal: If you ever need to remove the flagpole, you may need to reinstate the property to its original condition, particularly if the pole was installed with planning permission.
  10. Professional advice: To ensure that your flagpole complies with all relevant regulations, consider consulting a property planning permission application service like for expert guidance. Call on our experience, and let us do the research and applications for you.

Finally, please send us photos of your flags flying high, and we can add them to this page for everyone to enjoy! jersey gaspe house rbc flag poles 1 scaled jersey flag la braye beach cafe restaurant jersey portuguese festival stage flags glastonbury jersey flag jersey guesthouse st aubin flags door porthole scaled
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