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Bats and Their Conservation in Jersey: A Guide to the Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021

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Bats are an integral part of Jersey's rich biodiversity. These nocturnal creatures play a crucial role in our ecosystem, acting as natural pest controllers by consuming large quantities of insects. However, their habitats are under threat due to various factors, including building renovations and roof repairs. The Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021 recognises this and provides specific guidelines for their protection.

The Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021 and Bats

The Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021 is a comprehensive piece of legislation that aims to protect and conserve Jersey's diverse wildlife, including bats. Under this law, it is illegal to intentionally or recklessly disturb, harm, or kill bats, or to damage or destroy their roosts. This applies even if the bats are not present at the time.

Bats in Your Roof Space: What to do?

If you discover bats in your roof space, it's essential to take the right steps to ensure their protection. Here's what you need to do:

1. Do Not Disturb: Bats and their roosts are protected by law. Do not attempt to remove or disturb them.

2. Contact the Authorities: Reach out to the Environment Department to report your discovery. They can provide advice and may conduct a site visit to assess the situation.

3. Engage a Licensed Bat Worker: If you need to carry out roof repairs or renovations, you must engage a licensed bat worker. They can conduct a bat survey and provide a report detailing the presence and species of bats, the type of roost, and the potential impacts of the proposed works.

4. Apply for a Licence: If bats are present and your proposed works could disturb them or their roost, you will need to apply for a licence from the Environment Department. This licence permits actions that would otherwise be illegal under the Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021.

5. Follow Mitigation Measures: Your licence will likely come with conditions to minimise harm to the bats, such as carrying out works at a certain time of year or installing bat boxes to provide alternative roosting sites.

Conservation Efforts in Jersey

Jersey takes bat conservation seriously. The island is home to several bat species, and efforts are underway to monitor and protect these populations. The Jersey Bat Group, for instance, conducts regular surveys and provides education and advice to the public.

Need an ecological survey?

Here are some local companies that can undertake an ecological survey:

Sangan Island Conservation:

Nurture Ecology:

In conclusion, while finding bats in your roof space may be surprising, it's important to remember that they are a protected species. The Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021 provides a clear framework for ensuring their conservation, even when property repairs or renovations are necessary.

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